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Rocklin Mold Inspection

Think you might have mold hiding in your home or business, but just aren’t sure? Let our expert mold inspectors help you decide what your options may be!

mold in the garage

Garages & Sheds

With the Rocklin heat, any moisture trapped in a garage or shed can lead to serious problems.

mold in the attic

Attics & Basements

With all of the dust and the lack of good ventilation, attics and basements are prime mold atmospheres.

mold in the kitchen

Kitchen & Laundry

With all of the appliances and dark damp places, kitchens and laundry rooms are hard to mold-proof.

mold in bathroom


With all of the sources of water, bathrooms are the perfect breeding ground for mold growth.

Certified Mold Inspectors in Rocklin

Just because mold isn't always visible, doesn't mean it isn't there. If you have areas in your home that are either dark or not ventilated, if moisture can find it, mold can and eventually will begin to grow. Give Rocklin Mold Removal a call to schedule your mold inspection today!

Do You Think That Mold is Prowling in Your Rocklin House or Business?

You may observe an uncommon odor or see evidence of water damage. Or possibly your health is at risk due to the fact that mold is lurking in areas that might not show up to you. We can assess your property and figure out whether mold is growing in it. Our licensed mold inspector in Rocklin will locate the cause of any mold growth. We will discover the source of any irregularities in your house or office and inform you what to do to correct them.

Mold Testing: What Does it Mean? Find Out if Your Gulf Coast House or Business is Concealing Mold.

This includes a visual inspection of the property, and then the application of a wetness meter and/or thermal imaging electronic camera throughout your house or company. Any locations of concern such as water intrusion or extreme wetness will be determined. After recognizing the most major locations, we will collaborate with the inspector to create a Rocklin mold inspection strategy. Here, air and surface area mold samples are taken and sent to independent laboratories for analysis.

After we have actually received the laboratory results, our inspectors will review them and compile your final report. It will include all readings, pictures, observations, and other info that was taken at the mold inspection website in Rocklin, California. A clearance letter will be sent to some individuals specifying that the test website was not elevated and requires no more action. A comprehensive protocol will be offered to customers who have a concern. This report is vital to make sure that the business you are employing does only do what is required. It is important due to the fact that this helps to keep costs down and ensures that every effort is made to bring back the indoor environment to its normal, appropriate level. Although we do not offer price quotes, you might simply ask multiple remediation business to approximate the cost of removal.

We strongly advise you carry out a clearing test once the property has been cleaned up also. With a post-mold inspection, you can inform whether the job was done properly by examining the location around the mold and taking an air sample within the container. The build-back process can begin immediately if the clearance test is passed. We will offer directions on what work is required to pass the clearance test.

Find a Mold Inspector in Rocklin California.

Rocklin Mold Removal can help you breathe simpler after we leave. If you have questions about the possibility of mold growth within your company or house, give us a call today!

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